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These are some of the accessories that I recommend for either your bootybarre class or your Beachbody workout.  Click the image below to learn more about each product.  Email jen@meridianbarreandpilates.com with any other questions you may have.

Mary Jane Grip Full Sock

The bootybarre sock helps with grip and traction.

Made from a soft, cotton blend.

One size fits all.


$13:  Purchased In-Studio Only  

Not currently available for online purchase.  Contact Jen for details.

bootybarre Small Sponge Ball


6″ air filled sponge ball.  Perfect compliment to your bootybarre or Pilates workouts.


$11:  Purchased In-Studio Only  

Not currently available for online purchase.  Contact Jen for details.

Beachbody Strength Slides + Booties (Set of 2)

Designed to increase the intensity of your PiYo workout, the Beachbody Strength Slides with Booties are recommended for use with the PiYo Strength accelerated workouts.

Balance Ball

This baby targets everything—your abs, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs, and buns. Use it with weights or without—it won't burst if punctured. Plus a FREE gift! Color may vary.

Thick Yoga Mat

This thick, textured sticky mat will comfortably stabilize your yoga practice so you can focus on proper alignment and balance.

* Provides a thick, textured surface for extra stickiness and grip
* Size: 24" x 68"
* High-quality, closed-cell PVC vinyl gives it a soft-cushion feel. Embedded fabric mesh provides more durability.
* Thickness: 6.3 mm, for added comfort


P90X® Chin-Up Bar

Develop and strengthen your shoulders, back, and arms with this high-grade training tool featuring multiple grip positions. (Used with P90X®, P90X2®, and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM®.)

Chin-Up Assist

Maximize every minute you spend on the chin-up bar. This tool gives you the right amount of adjustable support to help you strengthen and train muscles as you work toward unassisted moves.

Beachbody Jump Mat

Get high-impact results without high-impact injuries The Beachbody® Jump Mat is essential to getting through intense plyometrics workouts like the ones in P90X®, INSANITY®, TurboFire®, and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™.


Your body will thank you for this super-shock-absorbent mat that protects your knees, back, and ankles. No home gym should be without it!

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